"Emotions in Russian"

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The dress "Past the island of Buyan"

There is a huge amount of fairy tales written by Russian writers, but the fairy tales by Pushkin take their honorary first place! The great poet created the masterpieces which can be easily memorized and are familiar to all Russians from early childhood.

"Now our time is overstayed,

East-due East-our course is laid,

Past the island of Buyan,

Back to gracious Tsar Saltan."

A perfect image of wandering, the mystery laid by Pushkin in his "Tale of Tsar Saltan" in the images of the sea and the island of Buyan, flurry both children and adults, create the interest to the Russian fairy tale and to the literature as a whole. Magical fairy tale becomes even more attractive and mystical, if somebody explores the history of writing of this story by Pushkin. He wrote this tale in 1831, retracing the fairy tales he had listened to in his childhood about the island of Ruyan - the mother country of his nanny and hisd mentor Arina Rodionovna. By a strange chance Alexandr Pushkin visited the island Sviyajsk in 1833. At the time, in accordance with the historical data, he acknowledged to his companions that it was that fairy town on the island he had imagined when writing his tale.

We can not overturn the truth that the idea is tangible if we take into account that the native city of Emily Rise is Kazan and Sviyajsk is about 70 kilometers from Kazan.

Composition: 100% cotton


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