Russian fairy tale as a business idea

Roman Elizarov, CEO, EMILY RISE Co.

Brand from Tatarstan EMILY RISE (Kazan) succeeded after they had suddenly found the free niche in production of children’s clothing based on Russian fairy tales. The story about how to make folklore the basis for profitable business is told by Roman Elizarov, CEO of EMILY RISE Company.

Roman, how the idea of creation of children’s clothing based on the fairy tales was born? And why did you choose exactly this way?

ROMAN ELIZAROV: In January 2014 my wife and designer Liubov Khramova sewed by herself a dress for our elder daughter based on the fable by Ivan Krylov “The Crow and the Fox”, using the method of applique. The garment came perfect, and we decided to realize the old dream and to create the collection of girls’ dresses based on the fairy tales and fables. That was because the fairy tale always had its honorable place in our family life. We do not watch the cartoons on TV, we search for and find the best for our children (best books, albums, etc.), because we want our children to be highly developed mentally and spiritually. The idea of using the heroes of fairy tales in clothing was perceived as an interesting one by both of us as a startup idea.

And in one year already the collection with Russian fairy tale heroes was presented on the biggest fashion show. It opened the runways of kids fashion in one row with famous world brands. We participated there without payment, because our idea and its realization attracted the organizers – the well-known experts in the world of fashion. At this time we did not have our own manufacture, which we started to develop later – in October 2015.

The process of company’s making fell within the difficult period for Russian economy. How did you, the beginners, managed to overcome it?

ROMAN ELIZAROV: We are still on this way. We are in the center of cyclone! There are a lot of difficulties. The most important is the demand: to find the client, to sell the product in a right way, to receive money. We have clashed with the lack of payment, postponement of payment, fraud for the period of seven months of 2016. From November 2015, when we just started our manufacture, our sales market has become much smaller.


The human resources became a huge problem, we have changed our staff many times already. The lack of personnel in light industry is obvious, especially in Kazan. We solve our problem with the help of our workers and their friends. It’s a pity, but the system of professional training of seamstresses is a fiction. We invited the students of colleges and professional schools for practice – they had no skills in sewing at all! And they did not even want to study saying that they would like to become directors and designers – not seamstresses. That’s all! Therefore the main seamstresses are those who studied and worked in the Soviet system, not younger than 35 – 40 years old.

But there are good tendencies also – people like our garments, some of them are ready to buy. We have loyal customers in Russia already!

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