Now you can not only read the fairy tale, but you may become a part of it with the help of the mobile application based on the augmented reality technology. EMILY RISE is not only kids’ apparel! It's a game! It is the useful hobby, which brings joy and creates fascinating moments of playing and communication between parents and their children!

How does it work?

1) you buy t-shirts and / or longsleeves “Zmei Gorinich”;

2) download the mobile application EMILY RISE in Google Play / Apple Store for free;

3) focus your mobile phone camera on the print on the t-shirt or longsleeve and start communication with the real mighty warrior Dobrinya Nikit’ich who asks your kid different interesting questions and tasks;

4) you make selfie / photo of your child together with the famous fairy tale hero at home, on a walk, during your trip to the cities and foreign countries as a result of successfully completed tasks;

5) you and your kids will be pleased by the photographs with the mighty warrior from Russian fairy tales for many years;

6) and this is not the end: Once in a month the photos with #emilyrise hash-tag participate in the contest held by EMILY RISE!

You and your child will be attracted by Emily Rise

Wearing the clothing based on the fairy tales and fables from all over the world, your child stands out of his or her contemporaries.

The technology of augmented reality is a new perfect hobby for the whole family! Your kid will start playing and develop with the apparel by EMILY RISE!

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