7 habbits of efficient interior designer

1. Find inspiration and be passionate. A designer needs inspiration and he / she has to find it every day. It can be made when you study the works of art or other designers' portfolio you admire.

2. Work hard. Successful designers are those people who work harder and harder day by day. Success is not a matter of gift - it is a matter of habbit to work hard.

3. Never stop learning. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said many years ago, "stay hungry", learn many things, find interesting books and video in design and other spheres. By learning about many things designer creates something new and wonderful.

4. Go out of comfort zone. Design is a risk: sometimes you have to break the rules to create something absolutely new. All great designers and architects are rule breakers. Even if you make mistakes, you have to take them as opportunities to do things in new ways.

5. Critique your work. It is necessary to see the truth about any design project. Sometimes it can be perfect, and sometimes it is something in the middle. The truth is just the way to do things better. But you have to be critical only about work - not about yourself. The first is creative, and the second is just demotivating.

6. Know your niche. In marketing it is called SWOT-analysis. You must know your strengths and weaknesses. And your stregths must be the core of your mission and goal. If you are very good in a few design styles, then you must specialize in them. You have to become Number One in one sphere of design - it is impossible to be perfect in everything! Your core values, principles of work and approach must stay the same through you life. That will help you to create your own personal brand in interior design.

7. Become a great communicator. Any work is connected with people. In interior design you have to talk to people and to learn their habbits and skills, and to understand their needs. It can be done through communication, when you ask questions, listen and study their answers. You must stay very interested in other people needs and wants. And you must be sincere with other people: honesty is a key to success! Even mistakes can not spoil relations. You must be open to critique and discussions about design.







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"There is extraordinary chemistry that exists in long-term relationships" (Conrad Levinson)

Was exactly what we needed to paint two harder to paint spaces (kitchen and bathroom) in our new condo. Roman was kind and efficient. Was great work for the cost.

Hillary Moore -

Roman had the best price and did a wonderful job repainting my apartment before I put it on the market. The job was done quickly and with high quality.

Dmitry Khalabuda -

Roman did a great job on our exterior painting!

Alexia Besbekos -

Extremely professional. Excellent job! Very reasonable pricing.

Victoria Sushan Antia -

Roman Elizarov of Emily Rise did a fantastic job painting my lower level. His skill, professionalism and work ethic are commendable! I'll be using this company again. Thank you for a great job and happy customer.

Bethany Drucker -

From Instagram @kidikaruss01 @constructionphilly we finally did it! Haha. If you guys need ANYTHING contractor or design wise, please call my buddy, Roman @constructionphilly he'll take care of you. We just refinished some of my upstairs and I couldn't be happier.

Chris Guerrieri - Private client

Emily Rise was really great to work with. From the start, Roman was very professional from talking to him on the phone and meeting him for the estimate. The price that he quoted us was fair for the amount of work that we were having completed (based on other estimates we had). They did an excellent job of painting our home and cleaned up when they were done. Overall we are thoroughly pleased with the quality of work and professionalism that was displayed. I would highly recommend!!!

Angelika Tkachenka -

The whole work, as we had discussed before, was finished right in time, the materials were chosen, good and useful advices were given; the design was perfect, and the price for such work was just the best!!! There were no minuses, just pluses! It is very pleasant to work with Liuba and Roman. So, people, do not search any more, do not waiste your time and order interior design from Liuba and Roman. We are absolutely sure that you will not regret and will be satisfied with the result.

Lili Makarova - Public Service Manager

We like everything that was done by Liubov and Roman; the quality, the work process, their accountability - everything was on a high level!

Alexei Kanatiev - Entrepreneur

Roman is great - professional, personable, and s a hard worker with great pricing. Would recommend to anyone. My home had double height ceilings and custom work and he had no issues completing the work prior to the holidays for me! Thank you Roman.

Krant Reddy -

Recently I hired Emily Rise for remodeling project in my house. The project consisted of 2 parts: replacing the broken tiles in the Master Bathroom and repainting the Master Bedroom (ceiling and walls). The communication from the very beginning was easy and pleasant. We set the dates that were convenient for me. Roman did an excellent job. Both jobs were done in a timely manner and with great quality. Highly recommend the company and Roman specifically.

Tatiana Wolotowsky -

I hired Roman of Emily Rise to paint my master bedroom walls and ceiling, including trim. Primer and color were used. The quote was for labor and I provided the paint & materials. I choose to tarp my bed with a sheet and heavy tarp to ensure it did not slide off. Roman suggested Sherman Williams paint for their high quality. Glad I took his suggestion! Painting took longer than planned as he did room by himself. I was on a tight schedule to have he room painted and Roman squeezed me in on the weekend. I am happy he was able to help me with the tight turn around from initial quote to completion of the painting project. I was happy with the quality of his painting and hired Roman to paint the guest bathroom walls and ceiling the following month. Only negative is both projects took longer than expected and time for clean up was not calculated into expected time. To be fair, time would have been less if more than 1 person painting/ cleaning up. Note, when I hire a contractor I want them to exercise care with my property and be respectful to me. Roman has a very pleasant and trustworthy personality. (Also no smoking and clean appearance.) He provided a good value quote and there were no up charges nor surprise fees at the completion of the projects. I would hire Emily Rise to paint again.

Mary Mac -

Very professional, punctual, to the point, creative and accommodating - everything you want from a designer! It was our first project and I was hooked. Strongly recommend for any size project - they work within your budget to find the most feasible and creative solution. Will definitely use their services again.

Nadiya Bocheva -

I worked with Emily Rise Inc designer and she did an amazing job. Provided all blueprints, floor plans, color schemas and even shopping list. I highly recommend to use their services as they proved to us being reliable, innovative, accountable and affordable. We will come back to use them in the future. Thank you!

Darya Ivankina -

I would recommend these guys to anyone! They finished painting our 2000 sqf house outside in just 3 days! Fast, professional and accurate! The price was also very adequate. I wish them good luck!

Diana Khesin -

Excellent service! Roman did a great job. Very professional and personable. Extremely hard working. Would highly recommend!

Golnaz Pajoumand Hansen -


When it is a time for the new home improvement take a look at our company. We are happy to offer you our services. We have experience in this sphere for 10+ years. We started as an interior design company and learned all the process by ourselves from the scratch. That’s why we love to create comfortable spaces for people lives and we are detail oriented.



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