How to order

In EMILY RISE e-shop, all goods are divided into different categories.

If you want to see the garment you are interested in, please, place the mouse pointer on the picture of garment, click on it or click on the name of the product below the picture.

Choose the right size and push the button "Add to my bag".

To return to the page with showcase of other goods, push the link "Continue shopping" or another link "Close", if the card of garment opened in a separate window. If you want to switch to another section of the site, please, use the menu on the top or at the left.

If you want to make the preliminary order, click on "Proceed to secure checkout" in the upper left angle of page in the e-shop section. There you will always see the quantity and price of goods in your bag.

You can always edit your preliminary order on the page with your bag: you can change the quantity of garments, delete those you do not want to purchase at this moment, etc.

The preliminary order is sent when the writing appears on the screen:

Thank you for your purchase! Your order is accepted! A Customer Service Representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

You and your child will be attracted by Emily Rise

Wearing the clothing based on the fairy tales and fables from all over the world, your child stands out of his or her contemporaries.

The technology of augmented reality is a new perfect hobby for the whole family! Your kid will start playing and develop with the apparel by EMILY RISE!

Contact Us

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