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Irina Fedorova, Polina's mom: In the kindergarten where my little daughter studies, there was a show with the participation of children this winter. Basically there were fables by Ivan Krylov and some fables very similar to Krylov's (it seamed that the talented mentors rewrited these fables)! And I had found in Internet and bought the dress for my daughter based on the concept of Krylov's "The Elephant and the Doggy". Everyone in the kindergarten was enamored of our new dress. My girl constantly wears this dress now :) So much attention :) Now we learn this fable by heart to fulfill the entire image!

Ninelle: The dresses did my brains out! The different mentality impresses much.

Alec: These are terrific! They really are exceptional and beautiful!

Gary: I really liked your designs.

You and your child will be attracted by Emily Rise

Wearing the clothing based on the fairy tales and fables from all over the world, your child stands out of his or her contemporaries.

The technology of augmented reality is a new perfect hobby for the whole family! Your kid will start playing and develop with the apparel by EMILY RISE!

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